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Our mission at Kindisaurus is to promote children’s learning, confidence, and resilience through play. Children learn about themselves, the environment, people and families, and the world around them being active participants in their own learning.

About Kindisaurus

Kindisaurus child care centre is a small 26 place child care centre located in Carinya avenue Mascot that provides high-quality care for children aged 2-5 years old. The center has been providing high-quality care since 1996 and prides itself on teaching children to be confident and involved learners.

The center’s philosophy revolves around the children being active participants in their own learning, enabling them to be confident in their own abilities. 

Educators encourage children to form and maintain happy and secure relationships with their peers, educators, and families. A big part of the center’s program focuses on the children feel valued as unique person which allows them to develop skills and abilities at their own pace.

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Our Core Values

With kindisaurus, we always put the quality of teaching children first, please rest assured when sending children at kindisaurus.


Families and educators work together to build an atmosphere of trust and respect for one another, resulting in a sense of belonging ...


Kindisaurus relies heavily on children’s interests as well as input from families. The children participate in daily music and language...


A big part of the center's program focuses on the children feel valued as a unique person which allows them to build the base...

How To Let Your Child Study At Kindisaurus

Let your child attend Kindisaurus to help your child develop comprehensively in all aspects.
Things For Kids

Our Services

Infant classroom offers strategies for building positive relationships, helping children develop self-regulation and responding to challenging behaviors.

Active "Own Learning"

The center’s philosophy revolves around the children being active participants in their own learning, enabling them to be confident in their own ability

We Provide

Everything your child needs throughout the day is provided (nappies provided by families)

Minimal Staff Turnover

At Kindisaurus we are proud to have minimal educator turnover . We are lucky enough to have educators that have been with us for 25 years ,21 years and 8 years. All our educators work part time so when educators have holidays ,we all work together to cover shifts so there are no unfamiliar faces for the children. We work well as a team and have a very harmonious relationship that promote high quality care .

Highly Experienced

Our educators are highly experienced in caring for children with additional needs, incorporating inclusive individual program


The centre has a full-time cook who prepares meals on the premises based on children’s likes, up to date dietary requirements as well as parent input.

Family Recommended

The centre has many families being recommended to us by Botany Family Day Care, and the Deli woman’s and Children's centre.
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About Teachers

Kindisaurus has 7 educators who all bring a little magic to the center and work exceptionally well together as a team who provide a caring and nurturing environment for children and families that attend.

Jennie Langridge is the owner and Nominated supervisor of the team. Jennie is a Bachelor of Education trained with 29 years experience in the child care field. Her teaching focuses on providing children with experiences they can succeed in, gain confidence, and become confident learners. Jennie runs a transition to school program with another educator focussing on fine motor skills, letter and number recognition as well as developing extended concentration and conflict resolution skills. The center is well known in the local school environment for preparing children well for the challenge of starting school.


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